Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Travel Series, book one outline and character bible







Paige arguing with Rosie/ gets called into CEO’s office




Liam is running from drug dealers and gets call from dad




Christmas party at CEO’s house. She leaves something behind (or he intentionally keeps something he knows she’ll have to come back for.) Introduce ex




CEO sends pictures of Paige to Liam?




Goes to CEO’s house, it’s been trashed, and he’s been hurt. Tells her where the map is and wants her to take it to his son.




Liam searching for City of Ceasars? Flying plane?




Rosie’s new boyfriend?










Plane to Osorno, Kirk meets up with the girl he used to tutor and gets lost.

































































































Character bible:

Paige Montgomery: thirty-two, never married, blonde, green eyed, writes a syndicated humor column but got her start at Traverse magazine. Looks like Kathleen Turner. Dated Liam Turner for years. She’s slightly OCD, rule follower, likes things just so.

Liam Turner: thirty-three, never married, looks like a young Indiana Jones, wanted to be an archeologist, but it was so boring and tedious he became a pilot. Searching for the lost city of Caesar. He’s an adrenaline junky. He fell out with his dad years ago. His mom lives in Chile. His dad had a thing for Latin women.

Paxman Turner: CEO of Turner Enterprises, a publishing mogul. Liam’s father. 65.


Rosie Montgomery: 70. White blonde hair, thin, flirtatious, a merry widow.

Brittany West: Paige’s best friend. Small, dark, brown eyes. A cooking expert for the magazine. Star of book three. Twenty-eight. Engaged to a dentist who is reluctant to get married.

Jeremy Loyd: Star of book two. Photographer. Slim, brown hair, brown eyes, artsy. Secretly in love with Brittany.

Rosalinda Perez: Pax’s ex-wife who’s also searching for the City of Ceasars.

Richter Klein: Rosalinda’s henchman in Chile. Tall, blonde, German,

Kirk Markham: Liam’s archeologist friend

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