Monday, August 31, 2020

New Blog Idea?

 My husband retired in March, two weeks before the quarantine began. Like the rest of the world, our plans were grounded. Instead of globetrotting, we wandered around the house. But life didn't stop, it wasn't put on hold, it just shifted. We started working on our house, spending more time with our family, focusing on our own development.

Wanderlust is still biting. As soon as the dust settles and our landscape guy Sergio completes the overhaul in our backyard, we're going on a trip. Destination still in negotiation.

Here's where I'd love some input:

I already have a blog. Should I make the retirement focus part of the feature? Or should I create a whole new blog? And if I create a whole new blog, which of these names are the most interesting?

A Better Late Life: a boomer dishing up the dirt on a messy after fifty life

The Write Retirement: one writer's foray into life after-work

Do you have any suggestions? Any thoughts? See the graphics below and let me know which ones you like best.


  1. I like A Boomer’s Blog. Short. To the point. Alliterative. Whichever one you use, I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Good luck!

  2. Sadly, A Boomer's Blog is already taken. I'm considering A Bloomer's Better Late Life