Julie Smiles (Bountiful, UT USA)
Well portrayed leads, Mercy and Trent, interact in a historically rich but still real setting. They are swept together in adventure, romance, and intrigue. Great combination. Easy and enjoyable read. Nice to get sucked in and spend some time in the northwest with such likable characters.

By Blue Candy
This was a fun read. Kristy Tate did a great job of weaving in the historical details so seamlessly that you get a rich sense of place without a history lesson. Mercy, the main character, is spunky and too headstrong for her own good but it makes for an enjoyable read. I always enjoy a good romance and this is definitely a good romance. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

By Jacqueline Diamond (Orange County, CA USA)
New author Kristy Tate brings a wicked sense of humor and a fast-paced storyline to her tale of a feisty 1880s piemaker who flees an enemy in New York and finds happiness--along with danger--in Seattle. You can't help rooting for Mercy Faye, who flaunts convention and flings herself into peril, determined to save young women forced to work in a brothel. Her secrets form a barrier between her and the appealing Trent Michaels, but love has a way of breaching the gap. A charming debut!

By CA Book Lover (CA)
Mercy Faye defends her virtue from the villainous Mr. Steele in New York, escaping to Seattle. But he sails on the same ship, while she dodges him disguised as a boy. In Seattle, her attraction to Trent Michaels, looking for his missing cousin, plays against her crusade against a brothel on an island in view of Seattle where colorful undergarments fly from a flagstaff to proclaim their business. Adventure, romance and humor mix in STEALING MERCY, where Mercy contrives to save a friend from herself by baking tarts that will make her sleep, only to have Trent scarf one down instead with comic effects. Tate's romance has original and unexpected twists, and the laughter mixed in makes this a delightful read.

By JeremyBYU
This was a fantastic book! I loved the character development in this book and the richness of the descriptions of their feelings. Every emotion was painted very vividly by Kristine Tate. The plot is very intriguing and keeps you interested to the finale at the end. Additionally, the romance between the characters sparks everything up and keeps the reader very excited. The history of Seattle is merged flawlessly into the story giving the reader an extra feel of realism. Overall this was a fantastic book!


Great book for romance readers! May 27, 2012
By Kat Breeze
Kristy Tate is a serious author who writes about characters who struggle with deep issues concerning love, death and marriage. In addition, Tate's smart enough, and funny enough, to throw in a ghost, or two, to even out the tense atmosphere and raise the tone of the book to one of hilarity. I loved Kristy's ghost, and for the first part of the book she was my favorite character. Around the middle of the novel things started to happen with the main character inasmuch as she was able to learn about herself and get a grip on who she was and what she wanted in life. I grew to love her, and I grew to appreciate her interactions with her husband and others.

By Star @ The Bibliophilic Book Blog December 7, 2012
Laine is dealing with a lot of loss right now - her grandfather has died and she's separated from her husband. When her grandfather's body disappears and she's seeing the ghost of her grandmother, Laine knows it's time to reveal the long buried secrets. These secrets take Laine to Rose Arbor, the town in which her grandfather was born and raised...
I was delighted by `A Ghost of a Second Chance', the characters and the beautiful setting of Rose Arbor in Washington State made the story come to life. I wasn't too big of a fan of Laine's in the beginning, but she grew on me. I do understand in all relationships there are secrets, stubbornness and misunderstandings. I enjoyed the uncovering of Laine's family secrets and how it helped her to reflect on people and situations in her present life. Sometimes we don't know what we had or what we truly wanted until we lose it. Ms. Tate has written a great romance, mystery, and ghost story rolled into one and has proven there is always the possibility of a second chance.
fun book, 

November 20, 2012
By Registered Nurse (Michigan)
This book was enjoyable & entertaining. The author throws in the ghost theme but it isn't a scary kind of read. She obviously has a great sense of humor which shows in her writing. Her characters frequently left me chuckling. This was a fun read although I admit I liked Stealing Mercy more.

By Elva
 December 10, 2012
I loved this book. This is the 3rd. book I've read by Kristy Tate. I enjoyed all three. Great evening read warm and cozy , yet exciting. I'm wating for Losing penny Tate's next one. Good books for all ages.