Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Research and Good Friends

Since learning that most of my blog reading friends are Russian, I’ve decided to cut down on my actual (English) words and post some pictures. I took these on my last Seattle trip. In theory, I was researching my novel A Ghost of a Second Chance, but in reality, I love architecture, funky houses and over the top Victorianbilia and since the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place (in oh so many ways) to find that sort of thing, I had a great time walking around and making use of my camera.

I’m thinking of using the first picture for the cover of my novel The Rhyme’s Library (coming to the world this summer). I took the following pictures in the University district. Two are from the University of Washington’s library, where Laine, the heroine of A Ghost of Second Chance, goes to research ghosts and paranormal activity. I took the last two on Queen Anne’s Hill, where Laine, Ian and Grandpa Sid lived and where I set the fictional street of Lilac Hill in my novel Stealing Mercy.

Spending a day researching and placing my fictional friends in these very real places is like spending a day in the company of very good friends.

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  1. Looks like you found some interesting places. I'm going to the Pacific Northwest in June. Can't wait.