Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Party Going On--Somewhere Else

This weekend was youth conference—a mixing and mingling of about 400 local kids ages 14-18 from our church. My girls didn’t go. Actually, they did go Thursday night, but come Friday noon when everyone else took off for a desert trek, my girls stayed in school. They have AP finals next week and study review sessions planned. Saturday morning while 400 of their friends were partying, my girls took the SAT. This was their choice. They had signed up months before and they have a schedule of the first test, the second test, etc. (My girls are brainiacs and I love this, and so many other things, about them).

That evening, our family went to see Miss Saigon. We had bought the tickets months ago, long before we knew when youth conference was scheduled and given they were missing everything else, we went ahead and went to the play—excited because we knew it had the same producers and composers as Les Miserables—a family favorite.

And we could see the similarities between the two musicals. Both started in raunchiness—Master of the House and whatever they call the lewd opening number of Miss S—both had a Fagin type character, driven by greed—both had a poor girl who dies in the arms of the hero. I liked the ninjas, the acrobats, some of the music, and the helicopter was really cool, but it was a very sexy and sad story with the overwhelming theme of keep your pants zipped… an important message, but hardly relevant to my girls. I’m so sad they missed youth conference.

Last night they were going to spend the night at the host home, but by the time we got home all the other girls (probably exhausted from dancing and partying) were asleep. They left early this morning to attend church, the culminating event of the weekend party. That they missed.

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