Friday, April 27, 2012

Catfish and Marketing

Can I just say I love youtube? Today a donkey basketball game AND catfish! Who knows what I’ll come across tomorrow? Who needs to sell books when there’s a whole world of wonder just a few clicks away? 

I wrote this to a friend this morning and his response was so funny, I had to share:

Me: I had been comforting myself by saying that I have a lot of followers and blog readers—until yesterday when I realized that the bulk of my readers (like 75+ a day) are from Russia. Russia? Do they even read English? My sister suggested the mafia, but I think a greater evil is at work.

With two books published and two more nearly ready for editing, I plan to take the summer off from writing and focus on marketing—which I find to be about as interesting as catfish.

Don’s response:  Even catfish can be interesting if you take the right approach.

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