Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten Things about Today

1       1.      Page 220 of the zillion to the tenth rewrite of The Rhyme’s Library, a book I started writing about ten years ago.
2       2.      Ten days until my baby Nathan marries Shirley Tyler. I’m making boutonnieres, not today of course—the flowers would die—but I should look online for samples and ideas.
3        3.      Ten hours until dinner time, my favorite time of day spent with my family. I need to start now.
4        4.      At ten o’clock the library opens. Still too early.
5        5.      I need to make five times ten cupcakes for the stake women’s conference on Thursday—two days      away. That will have to be done tomorrow, at the earliest.
6        6.      Grendal has more than ten burrs in her fur from her latest canyon walk.
7        7.      Ten minutes to mop the laundry room floor.
8        8.      Ten minutes to check e-mail.
9        9.      Ten friends on facebook.
1      10.  Ten ways to procrastinate editing the zillion to the tenth rewrite of The Rhyme’s Library. Sigh.

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