Monday, May 10, 2021

A List of all My Books

 If you're looking for something to read, I've compiled a list of my books. They're not all here. I've pulled some of my earlier work because I've learned a lot about writing, marketing, and publishing in the last ten years since I first published Stealing Mercy (now titled Verity and the Villain.) Over the next few months (maybe years), some of my earlier books may make a reappearance with new covers and titles. To avoid confusion, I'll always be sure and mention if the book is a redo.

If a book is free in the Kindle Unlimited program, I've put an asterisk beside it. If it doesn't have an asterisk, that means the book is most likely available at most online retailers (like Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple.)

Happy reading!

Katie Tate (Young Adult)

Which is Witch: a series starter set

Time and Again                                                               

Time After Time 


The Fairytale Thief

Witch Choices

Witch Ever

Witch Ends



Eloise Alden and Kristy Tate (Romantic Comedies)

*The Billionaire's Beagle

*The Oblivious Billionaire

*Irish Wishes

*The Florence Affair

*Incognito Billionaire

*Stuck With You

*That Song in Patagonia

*The Tick-tock Between You and Me

*Dreaming of You and Me

*The Music Between You and Me

*Christmas Coins

*The Little White Christmas Lie

*Baby Blue Christmas


*The Christmas Swindle

*Verity and the Villain

*Gracey and the Gambler

*A Ghost of a Second Chance

*The Highwayman Incident

*The Cowboy Encounter

*The Pirate Episode



May all your stories have happy endings!

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