Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kindle Scout Acceptance!

So last night, my daughter and I were sitting on the sofa half through our second Pretty Little Liar episode of the night. My husband is on a business trip, which is always good for Pretty Little Liar watching, because he hates it and makes self-righteous judgmentally types comments throughout. We had already kicked my son out, and he was watching the NBA in another room.

Sometime after Aria, Spencer and friends have another A run-in, my son comes in the room. "So Mom, I just got an e-mail from Amazon."

Screaming ensued. Then I had to check my own email. This is what I found.

Dear Kristine,
Congratulations! Our readers have spoken, and your book Witch Ways has been selected for publication by the Kindle Press team. We're excited to be working with you and eager to get started on your upcoming book launch.
Today I was invited to the secret Facebook group of other Kindle Scout winners, and I truly feel as if I've been invited to the cool table. Thank you, Amazon. And thanks to everyone who nominated my book. I'll keep you posted on what happens next.

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