Monday, June 8, 2015

A Review of The Start of Me and You and Not in the Script

Oh my golly, I loved this book. My mother died while I was in high school, and I'm well acquainted with "the look." And over the top pity. And pies from women who wanted to date my dad. But wait, that's my story, not Paige and Will's. My point is, I completely related and connected to Paige. Reading this often dredged up long ago painful memories that I thought I had outgrown, reminding me of high school, those intense best friend relationships, and the thrill of the guy in the big red truck. Oh wait, that's my story. Anyway, my point is this book touched and moved me in that rare captivating way that a really good book can.

I read this because I took a workshop from Ms. Finnegan at the LDStorymaker's Conference and she dished some dirt on a TV show that I had once loved, showing that she had some inside knowledge of what happens on Hollywood's backstage. Her novel didn't disappoint. I love a book that can take me someplace new. I really liked the characters. At first I thought some of the side characters were fairly cardboard, but by the end I was hoping for sequels to tell us their stories as well.

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