Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Marketing: Why Ranting Works

In the beginning, I ranted because I had something to say—something I felt strongly about, something I had to get off my chest. And I still do that, but since my early days of blogging, ranting and book sales I’ve learned something. Ranting sells books. On the days I rant on my blog, my book sales spike.

Ranting, of course, is a double edge sword. It both builds and burns bridges. By calling Christian Grey controlling, I run the risk of alienating millions of female swooners and readers. But I also appeal to the women who may say—yes, that is exactly how I feel, too. I'm going to share this so people will know how I feel. By speaking my mind, I not only offend, but I also appeal, and I believe the bridge I burned to the Shades of Grey readership is worth the bridge I build to my own target audience.

Why would I say that? Millions of readers loved Shades of Grey. Why risk offending them? Because honestly, those millions of readers are not going to love my books. Just like someone shopping for stilettos isn’t going to wander into the hardware store and come out with a pair of steel-toed boots, someone wanting erotica isn’t going to pick up my books.

And that’s why it’s okay to put on some steel-toed boots and kick some ideas around—even if it offends some readers. I’m building bridges to the readers who want real romance.


  1. Can't say I've read Shades. No desire to, interesting post and I love the comic.

  2. Christian Grey is controlling and so is Edward Cullen for that matter. I have often bemoaned the dangerous controlling men idealized by young girls and young women. It's not healthy. Thanks for speaking up!