Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Thank You Note to My Readers

See that subscribe to my newsletter form on my blog’s right sidebar? Yeah, I don’t pay very much attention to it either. If you want to get my newsletters, you fill out the form and your message goes to an e-mail account that I almost never check. But I did today. Turns out I have more than 60 new subscribers than when I last checked. Which is wonderful. And a little bit humbling.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that I’m not writing just for my own guilty pleasure. By putting my writing “out there,” I’m including others—inviting others to my private party. Not acknowledging the subscribers and readers is sort of like inviting people to my barbecue where there’s a ton of food because I like to cook, but not hanging around to chat.

I got a new review today on Stuck With You. I’d been warned not to interact with reviewers. I was told its “off-putting” (which sounds a lot like a pudding made with sour milk.) But this reader e-mailed me to tell me she left a review, so I felt it only polite to write her back and thank her…and send her a coupon for another one of my books. Yeah, I do stuff like that. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t have paperback books—I end up giving them all away and it costs me money But e-books are free for me to share, so I love that.

Here’s the 5 star review I got today:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great read August 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
This was the first one of Kristy' s books for me. It was a lighthearted, refreshing romance, and had me rooting for both Whit and Andie to find their way to each other. I highly recommend this book and would love to see it start a series.

So, to all the new subscribers, to all those who read my books and write reviews—thanks for joining me. I’m having a wonderful time and I hope you are, too. And if you like what I’m dishing up, please tell your friends. The more the merrier.  

I have some exciting things happening the first week of September. I'll be publishing Beyond the Pale, the final book in my Beyond series. I really do love this story, but I'm afraid others won't "get" my ending. Fortunately, everyone who has read it tells me that they love it, so...we'll see. It's sort of out there. I love it, but I'm okay if it causes a lot of head scratching.

And my novel The Rhyme's Library, a 2013 Kindle Book Review semifinalist, will be free for five days starting August 3rd. People who subscribe to my newsletter will get a reminder. 

Why does the release of my book coincide with the Rhyme's free promotional days? Because I had/have a goal of having something exciting happening in my writing world every month and my summer got crazy. People got married, my twin daughters left for missions to Taiwan and Uruguay, a baby was born, another was conceived after 3 failed pregnancies. I went to Asia, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and Utah. (Okay, Asia was in May, which is technically the spring, but still.)

I love that I live in this modern age of book publishing that allows me to still have the career of my dreams and have it fit in with sometimes crazy, always wonderful, amazing life. I'm so grateful--not just for the writing, publishing part, but for the readers who have come for the ride. Thank you.

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