Friday, July 19, 2013


(I wasn't going to use this cover, but the one I had originally chosen was too small and blurry. Besides, this one is gorgeous.)

And here's the blurb. (Thanks for all the help.)

An actress on the run.

 Rita didn’t intend to kill Boris Kidrick when she dropped the chamber pot on his head, and she didn’t. But, after a few weeks of trying to outrun the stage owner, she wishes that the chamber pot had been a little heavier.

 A gambler with more than money at stake.

When Christian rescues kidnapped Rita and witnesses a triple murder, he realizes that it’s a lot more interesting to hold a feisty actress than a hand of cards, but is she worth joining the cast until the ultimate final curtain?

A whirlwind flight.

From Seattle to Dead End Pennsylvania, New York and Paris, Rita and Christian discover that trouble has no boundaries, but neither does love.


  1. Can't wait! I'm loving your books...

  2. Thanks!She's actually up on Amazon. Only 99 cents. Tell your friends!