Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Book Bomb--Want to Play?

Rescuing Rita, a companion novella to Stealing Mercy, was made possible thanks to amazing friends and encouraging readers and will be officially released SOON. (Can’t say when exactly because I want to make sure it’s up on all e-book sights before we bomb. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.)


What is a BOOK BOMB? (Sounds fun, but not sure what it is?)


There is more than one way to play.

1.      Purchase the book on one particular day.

2.      Give a shout out to all social media sites. (I will provide buy links. Remember, word of mouth advertising drives the book world, so a personal endorsement would be considered a double bomb. Although I don’t expect anyone who hasn’t read the book to give it their stamp of approval, you could say something like—my friend, aunt, neighbor, lady that I know has written a book. Love her stuff. The word stuff has so many connotations.)


Why do you want to BOOK BOMB?


 (Because bombing for me automatically enters you in a contest for a $50. Amazon gift card AND I will send you a smashwords coupon for my novel Losing Penny. Just let me know you have bombed by messaging me, Kristy Tate, novelist on Facebook, or e-mailing me at kristyswords AT yahoo DOT com)


Why do I want you to BOOK BOMB?


Because if everyone buys on the same day, especially from Amazon, then the book rises in the rank (gets a lower number, aiming for #1) and becomes more visible to other buyers worldwide in the Amazon store.


And this sets up a self-sustaining chain reaction of visibility so that the more people see it the more people might potentially buy it, and keep it visible for others in a self-perpetuating cycle!


Books in the Top 100 are displayed on the first few pages of the various bestsellers lists. As a general rule, more people tend to look at the first page when they browse for books, and few keep looking beyond the first three. Almost no one bothers to keep clicking pages, so the further down the lists a book is, the less chance it has of being purchased.


A BOOK BOMB is a concerted effort to propel the book up the ranks toward the top spots.  Staying there of course is up to the book itself, but that initial push is can be a truly beautiful thing. (Insert hand holding, a few emotional tears and singing of Love Makes the World Go Round.)


If by sad circumstances, you miss bombing day, no worries. Just buy the book or give a social media shout out anytime during the months of July and August, let me know, and I will send you a coupon for Losing Penny.

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