Friday, January 25, 2013

Dizzy with Cold Medicine

I have the flu and have been eating large doses of pills. Sometime this morning I thought I checked Stealing Mercy’s Amazon ranking and saw that the price had changed from free to .99 cents and that it’s ranking had dropped to the 25,000 mark. This is what I wrote on Facebook:

After three months of being in the top 100 of Amazon’s historical romance list and almost two months after I requested a price change, Amazon came through. Stealing Mercy is now a whopping .99 cents. It’s been a fun run. Thanks to everyone for your reviews.

The next time I woke from a drug induced stupor, I rechecked Mercy’s ranking, because it didn’t seem right. This is what I then posted on Facebook:

Please disregard my last post. I was seriously dopey with cold medicine and must have hallucinated checking Mercy's's still free and it's still, just barely, in the top 100. (In my dream, it was #25000-something) And no, this is not a backhanded promo. Just an explanation and illustration of the power of cold medicine. I can't believe I was able to post on Facebook when I couldn't even walk across the room.

I have since stopped eating cold medicine, which means that the flu symptoms have returned, but at least my eyes can focus and I’m not as dizzy. Although the dizzy part is certainly debatable.  

Tonight I’ll be at the Tesoro High School choir concert to listen to my incredibly talented daughters sing. Miranda has a solo tonight—Natalie tomorrow night. If you are there, do not sit near me. If you see me staggering, please know that I’m not drunk.

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