Monday, January 28, 2013

Blurb Help Wanted

Please tell me what you think.
Losing Penny--a chick-flick kind of romance

Penny Lee, a cooking show diva, is delighted when she loses fifty pounds, and horrified when she gains a stalker. To avoid the attention of her most devoted follower, Penny concocts a plan: while pretending to take a culinary tour, traveling the world, collecting recipes and posting them on her blog, she really hides at a remote beach house in Rose Arbor, Washington, where she intends to spend the summer compiling her cookbook.

Drake Islington, an English Literature professor is offered the chance to spend the summer at a remote beach house where he can write in peace, and he happily accepts, never dreaming that he is becoming a pawn in a match making scheme. But, Drake has his own game in play and secrets to hide.

When Penny and Drake collide and it’s a perfect recipe for a delicious summer until the arrival of Drake’s mom, Penny’s teenage crush, and a donkey named Gertrude. A stalker heats up the mix and the town of Rose Arbor brews another tale of romance and suspense.


  1. It's very good. You do have some grammatical errors but otherwise it makes me want to read the book!!!

  2. I agree with Cindi. Content is great. Can't wait to read it!