Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catfish Campaign, Day 24, Stuff

Today I'm going to make stuff with pictures of my books on them. Some of my children have already agreed to wear the T-shirts and I will carry the tote bag. Remember the log lines from day 17? I've made them snappier and I'll put them on one side of the shirt and bag. Here's the log line for STEALING MERCY
Sometimes the only way to find happiness is to steal it. And here's the line for A GHOST OF A SECOND CHANCE Is there love after death? And on the other side I'll have pictures of the books. I'd like to stick a QR code somewhere and it would be nice to have, read my mom's book. 

Of course if you live in a small town after awhile no one is going to be interested in your T-shirt. But since I'm going to New York next week--well, I plan on being a walking billboard, only not as wide or as tall.

Stay tuned for pictures.


  1. Great ideas. My sons wore huge QR codes for their After Today Live! video on the back of their T-shirts to the D23 convention and Disneyland and got hundreds of hits on youtube from it.

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  3. Great ideas. The new loglines are a lot more eye-catching.

    I like the tote-bag concept, especially. The QR code sounds like a really brilliant idea for something to do before it becomes widespread and eerybody's wearing one :)

    (Sorry for the delete - didn't mean to be anonymous)