Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleeping with Power Tools

Congrats to Velvet Hubler who won my kindle kontest!

On Halloween night I stayed in the cheapest hotel in Provo that I could find on Travelocity. My reasoning—Provo is safe. Once I'm asleep, all motels/hotels are pretty much the same. It was close to Nathan and we would be up late working on our Eclectic Catalog.

But, it was Halloween and I had a reason for fear. The motel was not nice. Not nearly as nice as its pictures. It had mattresses, odd furniture and clusters of people hanging out on the sidewalk. I went to my room, locked my door and called my husband.
“Get out of there,” he said. “Go and stay somewhere else.”
“It’s already close to midnight,” I whispered, not wanting the people outside of my window to hear me whining. I looked around my room. At least it was clean except for—what was that? A giant power drill stood on the table beside a box of screws.
“I found a weapon,” I told my husband. I picked up the battery operated drill that was roughly the size of my forearm and pushed its button. It made a satisfying angry sound.
After a few minutes my husband grunted a goodbye, because really, from a thousand miles away, what else could he do?
I got ready for bed, pushed a table and chair in front of the door, checked the lock on the window and after offering a prayer for my safety, got into bed. I placed the power tool on the pillow beside me and formulated a plan. In case of attack, throw the box of screws at offender, jump on to table, and threaten eye gouging with power tool.

Fortunately, the next morning I woke up safe, alone and only slightly wet.
(The roof leaked.)


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Me and staying in hotels alone, do NOT get along. I've wished I had a power tool before.

  2. I can't even sleep well in nice hotels because I have nightmares about what people have done in those beds before me. I admire your fortitude. But did you leave the power tools there? I maybe would have brought them home. I do like me some power tools.

  3. I left the drill. I hope that it was in there to fix the leaky ceiling.

  4. Well, most of what we worry about is never ever going to be the thing that get's us. ;D