Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank WilyBCool at Let go of the Past, live Today and create Tomorrow for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It is an honor!

The rules in accepting this award: thank the person who nominated you, tell 7 things about yourself so that your readers may learn more about you, nominate 15 other newly discovered bloggers and let them know you nominated them.


1. I’ve visited 13 countries in the Americas, 13 European countries and 3 Asian countries, but I’ve never been to Kentucky where my Scottish ancestors settled.

2. When I was 12, I set out to read all of Agatha Christie’s works.

3. I missed several days of junior high because I was reading Gone With the Wind. (My mother thought I was sick, when in actuality I was simply sleep deprived.

4. I had a picture of Clark Gable on my bedroom wall from 1973-1981.

5. In college and in high school I dated boys named Bill, partly because I had a major thing for Billy Joel. (I still love jazzy, piano bands.)

6. I can quote Emily Dickinson, TS Eliot, ee cummings and Monty Python.

7. I have been (mostly happily) married for more than half of my life time.

Fifteen Blogs

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15. Writing on the wall http://writingonthewallblog.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks so much for the award and shout out.

    Did you get through all of Agatha Christie's books?

  2. I think I actually did. Amazingly, my son watched 10 Little Indians when he was about the same age and then read the book, and then listened to the book on tape and then tried to rewrite it using all of his friends as characters (sadly, they almost all to die.) I think we must have an Agatha gene that hits around puberty.

  3. Thanks for this Kristy! Loads of fun. I'll try to post my seven things and fifteen nominations sometime next week.

    And by the way, I love that you missed school because of reading all night.