Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday Catalog- My Latest Project

E-clectic Books, where old world values meets new age technology, a bi-annual e-catalog promoting the work of authors of faith.

Kristy Tate, managing editor, will distribute the catalog to participating authors. The responsibility of further distribution will depend and rely upon the efforts of the authors, thus eliminating the need of a master e-mail list and the fuzzy gray area of "selling" loved one's e-mail addresses. Also, when friends and family receive the e-mail they will be more likely to open it if they recognize the sender's name.

The quality and content of the works listed will be self-regulated. Be aware that the readers of this catalog will not be interested in titillation, excessive violence, profanity, sexism, or bigotry.

Catalog details:
The catalog will be distributed via email December 1st, reminding families to add uplifting books to their holiday wish list. Depending upon its success, there will also be a Beach Reads edition in the spring.

REQUIRED INFORMATION: (if you are missing any information below your work(s) will NOT be included in the catalog).
Book genre listing (i.e. fiction, nonfiction, memoir, thriller, fantasy, etc.).
A high-resolution (300dpi) .jpg cover photo.
Book title and author.
Up to 100 words of description (author's website optional).
Publisher, ISBN, and price.
Required information should be sent via email to kristyswords@ by October 31, 2011 (no exceptions.) Please be sure to include Holiday Catalog in the subject line.


  1. Great idea, Kristy! Are you taking both ebooks and regular published?

  2. Yes. Books, stories, music, digital or otherwise. (I hope you'll join us.)

  3. This is a great idea, Kristy. It's about a year before I'm ready to go with stories, but I'd like to receive the catalog.

  4. Hi Kristy, I'd like to receive this catalog. Do I need to send an email to subscribe? I do not have a book to promote or put in the catalog, but I'm always looking for new authors to read and fall in love with.

  5. Thanks, Kristy! Great idea - we local authors sure appreciate ambitious people like you who help us get the word out.

  6. Hi Shaun,
    I doubt I'm local--I live in Southern California. And I'm not sure if I'm ambitious or just silly. But, I'm very excited about the catalog and I'm grateful for everyone who jumps on board!