Friday, August 26, 2011

Contests and More

My first forays into the world of marketing and promotion... (Remember, I'm learning and I'm continually stubbing my toes.) Today I'm trying to become a "crusader", to learn more, please go to:

Next week I’m part of Tristi Pinkston’s Awesome August blog hop. This means that there will be a list of bloggers giving away free stuff and you can visit them, one or all, and sign up for the ones that tickle your fancy. And in September I’ll be hosting what I’m calling Kristy’s Incredible Kindle Contest and one lucky winner will receive a kindle e-reader. It’s all free, of course, anything else would be gambling and gambling offends my Scottish sensibilities.

Do you have a Tupperware lady in your church or neighborhood? Or an Avon lady on your kid’s soccer team—a perfectly nice person that you consistently avoid because once you bought something from her and you don’t want to repeat the experience? I’m terrified of becoming the Tupperware/Avon/person. (No offense to those who are natural born sales people—I admire you, I really do, but we’re made of different DNA.)

My daughter spoke at an early age—but not to people she didn’t know. If someone made the mistake of trying to talk to her, she’d turn her head and pointedly ignore them. When Bethany was little, we spent a lot of time with my good friend Nancy and her children. After months of park days and play dates, Nancy was surprised when Bethany spoke to her in complete sentences. Nancy didn’t know that Bethany could speak, or that she actually had opinions—and that she had, in fact, a lot of opinions for being only two years old. I’m a lot like Bethany.

In college I took a class taught by my husband’s old girlfriend. (I know, I know. I didn’t have choice.) I sat in the back and kept quiet. Later we were introduced and she was shocked to learn I’d taken a class from her. I’d rather be an observer than a leader. I’d rather play the piano than lead the music, although I’m capable of doing both. My point is, I’d rather buy a book than try and sell one. Even if it costs me money (and I don’t like spending money.)

So, follow my blog, learn how to win the stuff I’ll be giving away, buy my book and tell your friends, but PLEASE don’t ask me to lead the music. I'll probably say no.


  1. Hi, I'm a fellow campaigner and I'm glad to find your blog. Can't wait to read more of it.

  2. Thanks Kimberly. Campaigners unite!

  3. Hi Kristy,
    I'm a fellow campaigner and am enjoying your blog. i will indeed follow!

  4. Hi Kristy,
    I'm in your Suspense/Thrillers group. I look forward to getting to know you through the Campaign!
    I totally sympathize with you, I'm much more an observer. Anything involving promoting myself or speaking up gives me a case of the nerves. :P Best of Luck.

  5. Hey Kristy, I'm in your suspense/thriller campaign group. I completely sympathize with being a non-promoter because I'm the same way. I've always been the girl quietly watching from the corner.