Monday, June 22, 2020

When You Fall Out of Love

Falling in love is a real thing. It plays all sorts of tricks on your hormones. Those cliches of thumping hearts, racing blood, and tingling touch persist because they're true. Most of us will fall in love at least once or twice in a lifetime.
If we're lucky, once we've found someone who makes our heart thump, our blood race, and skin tingle, we'll stay with them for life. But what happens when you realize you've made a mistake? And like a thirsty gazelle that's galloped to a watering hole, we find that all that physical attraction has led us to a murky pond full of alligators?
Like most of life's equation, time is usually the answer. Just like a career, a talent, a sport--and many other disciplines--relationships take time, attention, and nurturing. Like the Bible tells us, we will reap what we sow. What we get out of a relationship is pretty much equal to what we put into it.
The trick is to find someone who is willing to invest and worthy of your investment. And to know that takes time.

My book The Tick Tock Between You and Me tells the story of two people who are already in relationships when they meet and fall in love. It would be nice if we could sail through life without ever making a mistake, but then we'd never learn. Also, then we'd never have any great stories.

Darby thought she had love all figured out until she heard the tick-tock of a clock.

Darby Elliott thinks she’s in love with her long-distance boyfriend until he arrives on her doorstep. Now, she’s not so sure about him or how to get her car and money back. Which is embarrassing, because she’s a hot-shot accountant and money isn’t supposed to slip through her fingers... or into her boyfriend’s wallet.

Chad George and his girlfriend, Jessica have been together since they were kids. The trouble is, Jessica thinks Chad should convert his grandfather’s dying horse ranch into a cosmetic surgery recovery spa, and Chad thinks his grandfather should maintain the ranch as he wishes.

When Chad’s grandfather hires Darby, she discovers the ranch is full of untapped potential and hidden treasures including a clock that only seems to tick when she and Chad are together. Does the clock have a hidden message? Can Darby and Chad save the ranch before time runs out?

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