Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Introducing Better Late Romances! Clean and Wholesome Romantic Comedies For the Over 50 Crowd

Today is the premier of our Better Late Romances! Terry Black, award-winning author of the movie Dead Heat, is kicking off our series of clean and wholesome romantic comedies featuring main characters over the age of 50.

Do You Like Romantic Comedies? Would You Read One Featuring the Over-Fifty Set?
Almost a year ago, a few members of my critique group, Orange County Fictionaires, came up with a plan to create a series of Better Late Romances featuring main characters over the age of fifty.  I’m so excited to bring my “Better Late Romance” to the world, but little did we know how much the world would change since our first planning session!
It’s a good thing our books are fictional because my characters live in a fantasy world where people still go to parties and kissing a stranger could conceivably happen. During the real spring of 2020, no responsible person in Southern California (where we live and where our stories take place) was partying. And if they were, I’m quite sure, no one would risk their life to kiss a stranger.
Will that world ever return? I’m not sure. What do you think? Will my story be outdated before it even hits the bookshelves?
But romcoms have always bordered on fantasy, so these great stories will be no exception. One thing is for real, though: love happens at any age, but it's especially golden in the later years. Romance when you need it the most. Love until the final chapter.

If you'd like to follow Terry and see what other zany books he has in the works, you can do that here:
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