Sunday, June 23, 2019

Re-doing My Mysteries

Losing Penny:

A Penny Saved
Penny-wise, Pound-lost
In for a penny

an argument in an empty house.
trapdoor on a canoe.

BB in a boxcar.
both ways for Sunday

1. One Way Ticket (or Thicket) Square One
2. Two to Tango, Table for Two, Two Birds One Stone, Of Two Minds, Tell a thing or two, two peas in a pod
3. A Three dollar Bill, three hots and a cot, three sheets to the wind, third times a charm4. scattered to the four winds, scattered to the four corners of the earth
5. five will get you ten, bunches of fives
6. At Sixes and Sevens, 6 Ways from Sunday, deep six, Sixth sense
7. chaos seven eight rotten, 7 Day Wonder
8. Pieces of Eight
9. Dressed to the Nines 
nine-day wonder
cloud nine
10. ten foot pole, Nine times out of Ten, ten gallon hat
11. At the Eleventh Hour

Image result for seattle 1889

woman walking through old italian village

A young lady stands at the wall of an ancient castle looking with hope in the distance. Emotion waiting for the long-awaited. A white vintage dress flutters in the wind. Artistic Photography
Old railway station with a train and a locomotive on the platform awaiting departure. Evening sunshine rays in smoke arches. Young woman in beige vintage dress of early 20th century standin
man in bowler hat with suitcase walking on the platform next to

Young woman in beige vintage dress of early 20th century sitting

Young woman in beige vintage dress of early 20th century standin

Black dressStudying  Art Nouveau lady
FILE #:  66487105 

FILE #:  79074418 

Beautiful woman retro portrait

FILE #:  82681518


FILE #:  53393523


FILE #:  68156820 

Library Six Ways to Sunday
indoor portrait of beautiful redhead woman learning or reading books in university or library

FILE #:  172367580 
Penny One a Penny

Seadrift Three Sheets to the Wind
Woman wearing black hat and backpack sitting on boat with paddle, nice mountain lake Fewa and sunset on background
FILE #:  199151281 
 Find Similar Hailey at the Eleventh Hour
Young woman in white dress outdoor
FILE #:  54835182 
Serious look of young delicate woman
FILE #:  53944132 
Woman Enjoying Summer in Nature
FILE #:  159051778 
FILE #:  110522741 

Woman in White near Stormy Sea
FILE #:  106437266 
Back of young woman carrying shoes and walking in the green fore
FILE #:  110522741 

On a railroad
FILE #:  100482787 Sad woman in retro Victorian style with red ribbon in hands.Mercy
FILE #:  145031308 

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