Sunday, November 4, 2018

Random Thoughts on My Weight Loss and My Book Sales

Last April I decided to get serious about my weight loss and, to my surprise, I did. It's been seven months and I've lost 18 pounds. (When I hit my twenty mark, I'm going to go to a rock climbing gym. I've found that rewards, for me, are great motivators.)

Here's some things that surprised me:

The sleeves on my blouses are too long.

My feet rattle around in my shoes.

The bags under my eyes are less pronounced.

My skin and hair are healthier.

My appetite has almost disappeared, which doesn't really make sense to me, but there it is. It's like how exercise gives you energy when you think it would deplete it.

Is it coincidental that the sales of my books have gone up as my weight has gone down? Can success in one area of your life spill into another totally unrelated area? I'm not sure. But I love this upward (book sales) and downward (weight loss) trend.

How did I lose weight? I did Weight Watchers and Healthy Bright Line Eating and started taking really long walks. Last month I completed (and won!) my first Diet Bet Challenge. I loved that, like I said, rewards are great motivations for me. I also found a few go-to meals that I look forward to thanks to my zoodler (a handy toy that makes my zucchini and carrots into noodles). And, unlike the Bright Line Eating, I found that I can't rule out all unhealthy foods. I don't want to live a life without brownies. But I'm perfectly fine with eating mostly vegetables if that means I can occasionally eat cake. Do I think I'll keep the weight off? Yes, you bet your zucchini.

And how did I increase my book sales? I hired someone to do my marketing, and I started writing romantic comedy. Do I think this happy trend will continue? I'm not sure. I have a firmer grasp on my lifestyle choices than I do on the whims of the bookselling market. But even if no one ever buys another one of my books, I can still write and share them. That, at least, is in my power.

And I think that's the ticket to success--find what you can do and do it. Hire someone to help if you can. Dangle a few carrots in front of you if you find that motivating. Make it game and try to skew the odds in your favor. As for me, I'm going to the rock climbing gym during Thanksgiving break because by then I'll have hit my 20 pound milestone.

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