Thursday, August 9, 2018

Michelle Knowlden’s Found Dead in Arugula: Faith Interrupted Short Mysteries

From Michelle Knowlden’s 

Found Dead in Arugula:
 Faith Interrupted Short Mysteries

(If you haven't tried Michelle's books, you really should. They're even more delicious than her cookies)

Officer Saito sat comfortably as if he were born to sit in the burgundy chair. In another life, she thought as sorrow arrowed through her, he might have been. Regret and the sound of a car braking hard in front of her house—a reminder of Darryl’s death—made her wilt against the door frame. A microsecond later, she rallied and stepped into the room.

“The Lenten cookies should be eaten while still warm.” She handed him a plate with three cookies.

“Lenten cookies?” he asked.

“Meant for those fasting from sugar during Lent, but I serve them year around.”

He took a tentative bite and grinned. “I’d eat these year around.”

After finishing two cookies, he picked up the tablet. “How did you know the deceased, Mrs. Towe?”

Michelle’s Lenten Cookies
One very ripe banana
A cup of oatmeal (add less if using a smaller banana)
A tsp of vanilla (optional)
Optional add-ins: pecan pieces, cranberry or bittersweet chocolate chips.
Thoroughly squish banana and oatmeal together. To each tablespoon of mixture, add in two pecan pieces and two chocolate chips or two cranberries. Can be made plain. Slightly depress each raw cookie ball on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees F for fifteen minutes, but check after ten. Should be eaten while still warm.

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