Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Writerly News

Here's a brief update on what's new and shaking in my writing world. A special thank you to everyone who read and reviewed my new release, The Tick-tock Between You and Me! (If you're interested in reading and reviewing, let me know. The offer is still good.) I'll be releasing Dreaming of You and Me in June.

That Song in Patagonia will be featured in The Authors of Main Street upcoming (summer!) box set.  

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to attend an in-person writing event a month. Why would an introvert make such a goal? This is a really good question, but the answer began when a friend shared a memory about his college roommate who was an avid reader. The roommate read an eight-hundred-page book, slogged all the way to the end, and declared he hated the book. Sometime later, he and the roommate heard the author speak, so the roommate decided to reread the book. After his rereading, he decided that this book that he previously had hated was his new favorite. My friend asked, "What changed?" "I know the author now," the roommate responded.

What do you think of his answer? Are you drawn to or repelled by certain authors because of who we think they are? Are you more likely to buy a book if you feel like you click with an author?

This past weekend, I spoke on a panel at the Wine, Women, and Words event at a winery in nearby Santiago Canyon. The venue was gorgeous, and it was fun to meet other writers and readers and chat about books.


Next month, I'll be speaking at the 1888 Center (more info here) And I have an all-day school event at Renton Middle School.

I had liked this coat until I saw this picture. Now I'm thinking it makes me look like an emergency cone that you'd find on the side of a highway.

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