Thursday, April 19, 2018

Menagerie, the box set

I published the Menagerie box set yesterday. It has an introductory price of 0.99. That’s all three books for only 0.99. Here’s a few of the reviews from Menagerie:
What a fabulous paranormal story! It is even a clean romance. Lizbet can talk to animals, but who would believe her? Her boyfriend Declan certainly wouldn't, he doesn't believe in anything he can't see and touch, anything nonscientific. But now Declan's wealthy grandfather has been horribly murdered, and Declan may be next!
I enjoyed this story immensely. The plot was interesting and different. I loved that the main character could speak to animals but had to keep it secret. I also believe that her extremely different upbringing made this book a type of 'stranger in a strange land' scenario that anyone could feel able to understand. I think that since many of the different characters were from all age groups, anyone can empathize with this story.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys and appreciates a well written and engaging story.

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