Tuesday, March 6, 2018

P.S. From Paris, a book review

I loved this story so much! Paul was absolutely adorable. He's exactly the person I want to pack me a lunch! And the ending completely threw me. I did get a little impatient with Mia for not telling Paul who she really was, but it still didn't stop me from loving it.

Even though I'm not a famous actress or a bestselling novelist, I could perfectly relate to these two characters.

I found the writing to be sometimes terse, and I wondered how much of that could be blamed on translation. In someways, the prose read like a screenplay--heavy on the (witty and clever) dialogue, short on visuals and descriptions. But there was so much to love. Here's a few of my favorite lines.
"The important thing is to make a decision," he said. "What decision?" "One that will enable you to live in the present instead of constantly wondering what the future will be like."

Mia didn't know what she wanted, but she kew what she didn't want any more. The waiting, the silence, the suspicion. She wanted to rediscover her appetite for life and to stop waking up with her stomach in knots.

Paul became part of an imaginary world where he felt happy, in the company of characters who had become his friends. When he was writing, anything was possible.

If all relationships started badly, Prince Charming would disappear from every fairy tale ever written and romantic comedies would be filed under horror.

One day, I'm going to live in theory, because in theory everything goes perfectly. (Unless you're talking about music theory...there's nothing perfect about having to memorize music theory.)

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