Friday, January 5, 2018

Growing Your Business Can be as Fun & Easy as Giving Candy to Strangers, by Stan Holden. A Book Review

I picked this book up mostly because its title reflects my own philosophy on book sales. But here's the thing...have you ever tried to give candy to strangers? It's not that easy. In fact, once when my daughters participated in a scavenger hunt where they had to complete a series of tasks, giving away a candy bar was one of the hardest. (They weren't allowed to give it to children.) It made me write what I called the cookie parable, which is simply this: If someone you know and loves hands you a cookie, you'll joyfully eat that cookie. But if a stranger hands you a cookie, you'll be naturally suspicious.

I think the same thing can be said for book selling (or any selling, really). If we know and love the author, or vender, we're excited and curious to see what they have to share. If we don't know them, we're hesitant, maybe even a little suspicious.

That's my theory, and it contradict's Stan Holden's. But I still really enjoyed this book and most of it I agree with. Here's a few of my favorite lines:

If you're trying to sell something, say so. Don't try and catch people off guard.

Have a clever business card.

Use humor whenever possible.

Strike up conversations with strangers.

Do what's right when no one is looking.

Be kind to everyone.

See every encounter as an opportunity to give.

You have to move people to move business.

Be genuine.

Make it a policy to never travel without seeing an old friend and making a new one.

Here's a few resolves I made while reading this book:

Tell the story's origin of the book being promoted in each newsletter--why I wrote the book and what I felt I needed to say.

Consider writing more blog posts on what it's like to be a mom with a large family.

Have a date night where we go to a crowded place and make up stories about the people around us.

Consider doing readings or teaching writing workshops at senior citizen centers.

Open doors for people.

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