Friday, October 27, 2017

In a Dark, Dark Wood Book Review

Wow. This book won a lot of awards, making me wonder who paid for them. At first, I thought this would follow the plot line of Agatha Christies Ten Little Indians, or Then There Were None (depending on if you read the book or watched the movie.) Of course, the set up for the unreliable narrator was so blatant that I knew-or suspected-she couldn't have been the murderer. And then the ending and big reveal were so stupid...But it did keep me entertained on a ten hour road trip, so I can't completely hate it. But honestly, if I hadn't been driving through endless deserts with nowhere to stop and download another audio book, I would have picked up another book, one with likable characters and a surprising, believable plot line. But congratulations, Ms Ware, for getting someone to throw a ton of money on your marketing. That, at least, is impressive.

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