Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Office Redo

With the help of my good friend and real estate photographer and professional stager, Julia Dapper, I decided to give my writing space a makeover. It's still a work in progress. I want to replace the sofa with bookshelves like the ones above. And I would like a funky lamp. The gold one I have picked out looks a little steampunk to me (love it!) And--if I'm honest, I rarely sit in my office chair. But I think I would if I could have a leather one like the one shown here. These images are all from Arhaus.

These images are from my house.

Having a gallery of my book covers has long been a dream of mine. My amazingly talented and book cover designer daughter made the images for me. I framed them in silver. I used to have a gallery of family pictures in my office, but Julia suggested that having two galleries made the room too busy, and I agreed. So we swapped the large painting that used to be in the hall and placed it above the sofa. As I said, someday I hope to replace the sofa and painting with bookshelves like the ones above.
This is the gallery of family photos that we moved to the upstairs hall.

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