Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vinegar Girl, by Anne Tyler

I loved this book, but then I think I've loved everything I've read by Anne Tyler. Almost every character had an arc: Kate softened. Pyotr grew a spine. Bunny stopped ending her sentences with question marks, and Lois gave up his sulk. My favorite thing about Tyler's work is her characters, but my second favorite has to be her prose. Here's a few of my favorite lines:

Her own heart felt bruised, simultaneously shrunken and swollen.
It seemed that everyone else on the street had someone to keep them company, someone to laugh with and confide in and nudge in the ribs.
The smile of all the mean girls Kate used to know in seventh grade.
He followed her like a pet dog.
He pronounced the word as if it was holy; he surrounded it with invisible cushions.
He had the foreigner's tendency toward bald, obvious compliments, dropping them with a thud at her feet like a cat presenting her with a dead mouse.

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