Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Futurescapes Writer Conference

Warning, lots of superlatives ahead.
It snowed! I missed my socks.

My room. I had a kitchen, laundry, jetted tub and a sauna. Even better, the conference had lots of down time for writing. And since I had such a great space, I took full advantage of it.

Sundance is heaven on earth. Everything about the conference was lovely. Everyone brought 12 copies of the first twenty pages of our work. We met in groups of five for critiquing. Each group was spearheaded by an agent, bestselling author, or editor.

My group leaders were Naomi Novik best known for her Temeraire fantasy/alternate history series, and Nephele Tempest, an agent with the Knight Agency. (I thought maybe we'd click because we're both from L.A. Plus, she's Greek and my favorite neighbor who brings me Greek food is also Greek.)

It was nice to meet the "pros" but I also really enjoyed the snippets of stories I heard from the other writers.

It's also really nice to be back in California...where socks are nothing more than a fuzzy fashion accessory.

Now that I'm home, I need to put on my promoter's hat because my novel, Grace in the Mirror is in the Amazon UK Storyteller Competition. This morning it was #36 out of more than 1300 entries. Which is awesome, but I want to be #1, not #36. I don't really like wearing my promoter's hat, but I'll do it for a trip to London, 20k pounds, and a marketing campaign. I think I may run a contest of my own....stay tuned.
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