Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reviews for Return to Cinder

I wrote this short story because it was commissioned. This is what happened: My son and his wife are adopting. It's been a long, painful, and costly process. But they've been selected by a birth mom, and their baby boy is due at the end of February. In an effort to offset the expense (it will be nearly $45k) my daughter put together a fundraiser--an auction. Family and friends donated goods and services. My niece asked if I would write a short story based on someone. I thought and said, no one will pay for that. But someone did. Three people, actually. Two of those three were my nieces and since I know them quite well, I put together stories in my head for them. Then, at the last hour, my daughter-in-law's mother outbid them.

I don't know Jen's mom all that well, so I worried she might not appreciate it. But she said she loved it. Here's what she said, "After I read both stories, I found myself teary-eyed.  I love your story and it was very fun to see my name in a story – I feel quite honored." 

I loved it, too, so I decided to publish it not knowing if anyone would actually pay for a short story. It's fun because I foresee a whole bunch of short stories in my future. And also because a couple of people not only read it, they also left reviews!

I'm thinking I'll go ahead and write the stories I'd come up with for my two nieces.

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Loved it. Stories like this one stay with you.
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This was such a fun, quick read! Enjoy!!!

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