Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Market E-Books: Review Sites

Whew! I spent the morning updating a list of (mostly YA) bloggers who offer reviews and interviews. It takes courage and steely nerves to share your manuscript with strangers who may or may not love it as much as you, but blog reviews and spotlights are a wonderful and inexpensive way to create book buzz.

As I said, I updated this list, meaning it's something I gathered a few years ago. I removed the blogs that no longer exist or hadn't posted a review within a year. The ones that say OLD mean that that their last post was months ago. I left the ones that say that they're no longer accepting submissions because a number of them will do author interviews.

Good luck! (Their submissions run from July-September.) (NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS) (NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS) (NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS)

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