Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anywhere Else

I published a very short story. I wrote it to be a part of the Indie's on the Go Anthology. Part of the requirement of being in the anthology was the story had to be less than a thousand words. Its 998 words, about four pages. I thought about making it free since it's so very short, but decided against it. I really like this story and think it's worth 99 cents.

Of course, my Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent is free and The Highwayman Incident is only 99 cents and they are both full-fledged novels, but the difference is both of those books (hopefully) drive readers to the next book in their respective series. I'm not sure what Anywhere Else will drive people to.

But I do love this story and hope others will, too.

Madeline sneaks into her estranged husband’s home with a burning for retaliation. What she finds in a locked closet forever changes her mind, her heart, and her future. This is a very short story of a marriage and a life that ended too soon.

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