Monday, February 8, 2016

Doing Better Than I Thought--Walking in Tall Cotton

This is from an article in Publisher's Weekly. Granted, I'm sure they want Indie Publishing to die.

A survey by Digital Book World found that hybrid authors earn the most money, with a median income between $7,500 and $9,999 a year, followed by traditionally published authors ($3,000–$4,999), and indie authors ($500–$999). The assumption that authors only use self-publishing until they can secure a traditional deal bears out less and less."

My problem is undoubtedly my own perception. The truth is many of my friends and acquaintances are making very good money with their writing--making me feel not so great about my 18 books making not so much. Still, if I remind myself that this never was, or will be, about the money, and that it's actually really cool that last month I sold hundreds of books in INDIA! And that my books sell in countries all over the world. And sometimes I get really cool letters like this one:

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