Monday, November 2, 2015

Free Books! Thanksgiving Sale!

I'm completely in love with this cover. I think it's Bethany's finest. The Pirate Episode, book three in the Witching Well series, is now available on Amazon. And book one, The Highwayman Incident, is free until Wednesday, November 5th. Get it here

And if all this wasn't enough, Amazon--the publishers of my Kindle Scout winning Witch Ways, has marked down Witch Ways to only 99 pennies for a limited time. You can get it here. (When I scheduled my promotion of The Highwayman, I didn't know that Amazon would also be promoting Witch Ways. So, sort of sad for capital loving me, but lucky for all of you.)
Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'll be providing a link where you can get 52 science fiction and fantasy books for free!

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