Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Woman in Gold Review

I loved this movie. Helen Murren was wonderful. Actually, my expectations of her performance were pretty high, since I think she's a terrific actress. But my expectations of Ryan Reynolds were pretty low, since the last movie I saw him in was a really stupid romantic comedy. He blew me away! He was my favorite character. He went from being a struggling lawyer tempted by the money to a man who wanted restitution.

Because I knew how the story ended, the present day story wasn't as interesting to me as the historical flashbacks.Flashbacks are considered a literary minefield, disasters waiting to blow up, but they worked perfectly in this movie.

But I think the best part of The Woman in Gold was when Helen Murren said, when others see this painting, they see a work of art. When I see this painting, I see my aunt. 

And that's what makes art, art--it says something different to each of us, but it always as something to say.

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