Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green, a review

I really loved this book, except for one (kind of big for me) thing. First, I loved the prose and I loved the characters. I liked the way Gus called Hazel Hazel Grace, and I liked how mature they were. I think pain and disease would do that. Having watched my mom die of cancer, I liked how honest this book was. It wasn't afraid to talk about vomit, pee, falling down, and the stupid things people say. I really loved Peter Van-what's-his-name, who showed us that cancer hurts and destroys more than just its victims. But here's the big thing that bothered me. I just don't think 16 year olds, even those with cancer, are mature enough for sex. And when they went to Amsterdam, they hadn't even kissed yet. I guess Gus just carried around some condoms because he was optimistic? This could have been a perfect book. But throwing the sex in was just messy (and irresponsible.)

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  1. I completely agree. I'm glad I'm not the only one.