Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If Rocks Could Talk. Learning to Listen to Your Inner Voice

Take a medium size rock and hold it front of your face. What do you see? Can you see anything other than the rock? Turn to your neighbor, but continue to hold the rock in front of you. Can you focus on your friend? Can you read the expression in their eyes? Can you feel their worries, or help them with what they might need?

Now take your rock and hold it palm up, arm extended. That's better isn't it? You can see your neighbor. You can see in every direction. You can walk where ever you choose. But keep holding the rock aloft for one, two, five minutes, and what happens?

According to Wikipedia, animism (from Latin animus "soullife")[1] is the worldview that non-human entities (animals, plants, and inanimate objects or phenomena) possess a spiritual essence. Animism encompasses the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows.

And so, consider this--if the rock you're holding could talk, what would it say? Let's say this rock loves you, wants the best for you, and wants you to live your very best life. What would the rock say? Don't you think the rock would say, "For pity sake, put me down. Move on."?

Is there a rock you're holding that you just can't let go? Is it a sin? Is it an addiction? Is it a toxic relationship? Maybe it's a grudge. Maybe you've been hurt, and you're carrying a pain that is crippling you.

Give your rock a voice--a loving voice--and what does your rock say? Listen close to that inner voice inside of you. What is your rock saying?
ART BY PAUL BOND  http://www.paulbondart.com/Gallery/Gallery-2_mobile.php

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