Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Time-travel Stories

I love time-travel stories and the what-if questions they carry. My husband feels differently. He once told me that he’s afraid that if he ever time-traveled that he would waste the experience just looking for me. I think it’s one of the sweetest things he’s ever said, and we’ve been married for a very long time, so he’s said plenty of sweet things.

The Highwayman Incident is the first book in the Witching Well series. I got the idea while watching a documentary about the Salem Witch trials. (Side note, documentaries are great for novel fodder. I got the idea for Beyond the Pale while watching a documentary about Rasputin.) Although I grew up in Washington State and have lived most of my adult life in California, I lived in Connecticut’s Fairfield County while my husband worked in Manhattan. I definitely have a tender place in my heart for Connecticut—despite its haunted past. Coincidentally, a whole host of my ancestors also lived in Fairfield County. I like to think of them whispering in my ear while I write this series.

I have three books planned for the Witching Well series, The Highwayman Incident, The Cowboy Encounter and The Pirate Episode. 

But then, I had three books planned for my Rose Arbor series, and in a few weeks I plan on publishing my fourth Rose Arbor novel, so you never know where my muse may take me!

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