Monday, August 4, 2014

The Return of Marketing Mondays

For some time now, I’ve been struggling to be disciplined about marketing. My goal is to spend an hour a day promoting my books. This has been a challenge, since I’m an introvert and I would much rather be writing in solitude than hanging out on social networks. But since I’ve been dedicating my obligatory hour, I’ve learned some things and I thought I would share them.
My marketing mantra is give them what they want and then introduce them to something they didn’t know they wanted. My favorite marketing method is blogging. I try to be informative, helpful and then post a link to my informative, helpful blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, the Marketing for Romance yahoo group (and if it’s relevant) the kindleboards writer cafe.

Here are the groups I belong to on Facebook. There are probably many more that I haven’t discovered yet.
Sweet / Clean Romance group
 Romantic Clean Reads
 Where Writers and Authors Meet
 The Unblocked Writers Group
  Books Gone Viral
 Writers and Readers Unite
 Book Promotion
 Promote Your Book!
 Authors Incognito
Book Junkie Promotions
The GoodReads Clean Romances Group on FB
 Online Book Publicity Group
 Written a story, what's the next step?
 Writers who believe in supporting Writers
 Books, Books and more Books!!!
 Writers Group(This is for all of you writers out there)
 E Books Rock.
 Passion for Books
 Connecting Authors & Reviewers
 Mormon Mommy Blogs Network
Business and Blogging Success, Naturally Yours
There's an eBook in the Room
Hot Reads
Book promotions
Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group
 Book Lovers
 Review Seekers
Reviewers Roundup
Writers and Readers
Indie Author Book Promotion Page
LDS Authors, Writers & Readers
Writers Unite
A place to advertise books for sale
Ready to Read
Romance Readers
Authors, Reviewers, & Book Lovers
Romance & Thrillers Group
Book Club
Amazon Kindle Goodreads
Kindle Publishers
Fantasy Writers
BookGoodies Authors Group
 Because I don’t want to be spammy, I usually issue a call to action such as this one that I posted on The Authors of Main Street blog last Monday:
If you’re an author, please share the beginning paragraph of your favorite story. Feel free to post the buy link and a link to your website.

And here is the tweet I used for the same post: Share the opening paragraph of your book on the Authors of Main Street blog! Leave buy links!  #bookpromotion

Here are the Linked-in groups I belong to. Again, I’m sure there are many more. I posted the same call to action to them.
Authors of Romance helping Authors of Romance
Book Marketing
Historical Fiction

There are more places (and I belong to more Linked-In groups) to promote your blog posts, but my allotted hour is up! Next Monday I’ll return to share more of my marketing-finds. Do you have a favorite marketing tip? Please share. I’ll give a free e-copy of my book Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent (now a finalist in the I Heart Indies contest) for the tip I like the best.

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  1. Wow. That's quite a list. I might check some of these out. Thanks.