Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Book Covers

I spent the weekend with my amazingly talented daughter and came home with three new book covers. I LOVE them. What do you think?
Stuck With You, is a novella loosely based on my adventures in a sticky elevator. The models are my son and his fiance. I love them and this cover. And the story, of course. The story has been done for a few weeks, but it won't be published until June.
This is Hailey's third cover. I think we finally got one I love.
Beyond the Pale is the final book in my Beyond series. It has caused me some grief (the story, not the cover. LOVE the cover.) I made an outline, wrote the story and ended at about 100 pages--200 pages short of my typical novel length. There is a part of me that wants to give the series the time and attention it deserves, but I have so much happening in my real, non-fiction life, I had a hard time thinking outside of my original outline.

 I managed to write another 50 pages, debated on whether to set it aside and work on something else or call it good. After much internal arguing and screaming, I decided to end it. At 150 pages it was done. So what. Who cares? It was done and so was I. Determined to give it one last go-through, I picked it up this morning and as I read ideas and scenes came to me. I don't know, actually I doubt, if it will carry me to page 300, but it doesn't matter. I do love this story, after all. Somehow I had forgotten that. I'm so grateful I got to be the one to write it.

Also, I'm pretty sure that every author and every publisher wishes that they had an amazingly talented daughter like mine.

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