Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014! Hatch or Go Bad

And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.

C.S. Lewis

I already accomplished one of my new goals! Go me! Last year after the holidays, my children left for their respective places (homes, schools, etc.) and I was left behind with fat to burn and a house to clean. And I was so sad it took me days to take down the holiday decorations and clean. If I'm honest, I will admit that I never did lose last year's holiday weight gain. I promised myself that this year would be different and it is. The kids are still here, but the decorations are down. The house is mostly clean. On Monday, when all of the guests are gone, I should be able to sit down at my computer and return to my writing life.
It's been two weeks of writing hiatus (on purpose--a self imposed writing fast) and I can't wait. My fingers and brain are itching to return to my writing life. I have a book to edit, (Sleepy Hollow should be published within a few weeks) a short story to write for a charity anthology, and a novella. The story lines are bouncing in my head. I already wrote the outlines. (I never said I was good at fasting--remember the holiday weight gain from last year?)

I jerry-rigged my treadmill so that I can use my lap top and walk at the same time. The jerry-rigged contraption will work, but I'm not so sure about my head, fingers and feet. (I'll let you know.)

And I took some pictures for book covers. And remember the charity anthology? One of the authors volunteered to make a trailer. Every contributor was given the assignment of making a video and using the words, "My name is---- and I'm an author." Boring but true.

Here are the videos, the pictures (because if I had to sit for a video, then I may as well take some pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to make the pictures stand upright) and some ideas for book covers.

Huh. Not only can I not get the pictures to stand upright. I can't upload the videos. I guess I have some New Year's resolutions. 

The following pictures are for my novella, a story about a couple and an elevator (inspired by my time trapped in an elevator.) The models are my son and his girlfriend.

I love this last one. I think it's funny. The novella's tentative title is Stuck. 

So excited about 2014! I can't even tell anyone all the things I have planned, because it will sound like verbose boasting. All I can say is, I wish everyone a year as wonderful as the one I have planned.

How will you hatch this year?

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