Saturday, March 16, 2013

More About Pants

I chose to stay at home and miss a family member’s funeral so I could be here for my daughter’s prom. Pictures, hair and make-up trumped the family gathering. I really debated this decision, but in the end, due to a tragic teeter-totter accident, I was glad I had chosen to stay at home.

Still, yesterday, before the teeter-totter debacle, I was feeling badly about missing my sister-in-law’s funeral.  All day I kept telling myself I was going to go the mall and buy some new make-up. Just after this next chapter, I said after every chapter of the fourth book of the Traveling Pants. At dinner time, I promised myself that I would go to Trader Joes and buy something veggie and delicious that my husband would never eat, but instead I continued to read and made a pan of brownies (that was my dinner.)

I wasn’t happy with the fourth Traveling Pants (just as my sister had promised me all those years ago) although I’m not sure a day spent reading wasn’t a better choice than a day at the mall. It was certainly cheaper. (Something veggie and delicious from Trader Joes would have been better than a dinner of brownies—no arguments there.) I won’t read Sisterhood Everlasting, but I don’t regret reading the fourth Traveling Pants books (even though I disliked it.) Here’s why:
I’m going to write a New Adult series about four girls—four friends who aren’t self-absorbed. They will meet men who will act like men—not puppies waiting for someone to throw them a bone (or a boobie. After reading The Pants—I’m wondering if Brashares knows any actual males.) I’m going to write about young adults who believe in monogamy—because here’s the thing: There really are people in the world who want to share themselves completely—spiritually, emotionally and physically/sexually—with only one significant other and when two people who want that find and meet each other and make that commitment to each other before God—that is a reason to celebrate. That is more magical than any pants could ever be.


  1. I'm justing getting into the swing of reading your blogs and hopefully all of your books. It's been a long time waiting. And speaking of waiting what is the tragic teeter-totter accident and I hope it was one of your girls or yourself.

  2. Oh, I forgot that you did make the right decision to stay with your girls instead of the funeral. Yes, we had a marvelous visit with the family and Steven felt of your love and support through Larry's presence, but most important was that you were there for your children. Thanks!