Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blog Hop--Chocolate and a Good Book

Welcome to my blog hop where you can win two of my very favorite things—chocolate (a $20 See’s Candies gift card)and my novel The Rhyme’s Library. Here’s a review of the book (chocolate doesn’t need a review. And no, I haven’t met this reviewer, nor were they compensated…not even with chocolate.

In the second book that I have read from this author, she is fast becoming an author for me to watch for in the contemporary mystery genre. The Rhyme's Library is a clever murder mystery, rife with family and small-town secrets and an engaging, intelligent heroine at its center. Blair is cleverly created, a librarian by default, she has a fascination with the "word a day" theory, in fact each chapter starts with a word and its definition; some obscure, some not. When she finds the body of her newly deceased aunt in the basement of her family home, turned library, the coincidences, secrets and suspicious characters just seem to appear in every person she encounters. Stalled or put off by the police, injured, threatened and nearly drowned in several rainstorms, Blair perseveres trying to piece together the puzzle that is her family.

Kristy Tate has managed to craft Blair into an empathetic character that you do not pity, despite rather tragic and scary circumstances. While injecting a bit of humor into some of the situations, and adding several eccentric characters who manage to provide cryptic clues and miscues, the pacing never stalls, and there are more than enough suspects to wonder about. While never reaching a frenetic page-turning pace until the very end, this book was difficult to put down. A wholly surprising and satisfactory ending that hints at the potential for a romance leaves readers wondering just what the next book will bring.

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