Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hailey's Comment's Blurb Re-do

No one but her grandmother, Hailey Clements, knows that 28 year-old Emma is really the sage of the world famous advice column, Hailey’s Comments, handing out platitudes and one-liners. And that’s just the way Emma wants it. Hailey parades, Emma quips, and they share the money. It’s the perfect arrangement until handsome Ryan Everett discovers the truth. To avoid his constant teasing questions and his you-can’t-fool-me remarks, Emma and Hailey run a dessert contest. They reason that no one, not even Ryan, can kibitz a recipe contest. But the cake contest falls flat. To avoid angry readers and Ryan Everett, Emma and her ugly dog Wyeth flee to sparsely populated Lister Island in the Puget Sound where Emma intends to spend the summer working on her art.

But it’s her heart, not her art that soon worries Emma. Her flight from one world throws her into the intrigues of another. On Lister Island, Emma is introduced to a pistol packing priest, a pair of greedy organic food farmers, and an Octogenarian jail keeper. After a series of disturbing coincidences, Emma suspects that the life of Helen Dunsmuir, Lister Island’s recently deceased grande dame, is tied to her own. As she unravels the secrets of Helen’s life and untimely death, Emma learns that life’s problems can rarely be fixed with a witty quip or platitude, and that it’s better to love than to comment.

And from some secrets, just like from some men, there’s no escape.

Hailey’s Comments, a romantic suspense reminiscent of Mary Stewart, was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Contest. 

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