Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blurb Help Wanted

So excited! Hailey’s Comments will go live very, very soon and I’m looking for blurb input. Please point out all my mistakes. (With the blurb…I’m not interested in personal hygiene tips or really anything other than blurb related.)

Lies are a lot like oranges.  They bleed and they can make a big mess, even when you think they’re contained. Sure, things can be mopped up, but if it isn't done right, the juiciness will stay, attracting dirt and lint. Emma Clements lives a lie and when she thinks Ryan Everett has learned her secret, she escapes to a sparsely populated Puget Sound Island.

But Emma’s flight from one world throws her into the intrigues of another. After a series of disturbing coincidences, Emma suspects that the life of Helen Dunsmuir, Lister Island’s recently deceased grande dame, is tied to her own.

 On Lister Island Emma learns that life’s problems can rarely be fixed with a witty cliché or platitude, and that it’s better to live a life with love than to comment. And from some secrets, just like from some men, there’s no escape.


  1. Looks good to me. It's a little different from most blurbs, but I'm curious about Ryan, and why is she running from him (the lie). Does he follow her there? It's implied with the last line, but it's not definite.

    Hugs, it looks good.

    Love the look of your website.

  2. Thanks Pepper! You were a minority, so I rewrote the burp. I mean blurb.